What Traditional Indian Wedding Outfits Do Male And Female Guests Wear?
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What Traditional Indian Wedding Outfits Do Male And Female Guests Wear?

If you’ve already attended an Indian wedding reception as a guest, you might already know that pomp, show and colour are part of the clothing tradition, as much regarding men outfits as women dresses. Saree, lehenga, kurta, sherwani… There are many options for the men and women to choose from. If you don’t know what kind of attire to wear to your next ceremony as a guest, here is a little recap of traditional Hindu dress ups and garbs that might inspire you some style.

Traditional Indian Wedding Reception Dresses For Female Guests

Wedding Saree

Sarees are the most common garb in India, widely regarded as a symbol of style grace and cultural pride. They consist of a simple piece of drape of various size in length and breadth and are perfectly fitted for a wedding ceremony as a guest. They are typically wrapped around the waist, one end of it draped over the shoulder. In order to emphasise your style and grace, wear it like local women with fitted bodice (choli) and elegant petticoat (parka or pavadai).

Wedding Lehenga

Lehangas, also called gharga or else chaniya, are a kind of long, embroidered and pleated skirt. They are commonly worn together with Gagra choli or Langa Voni tops, altogether secured at the waist, leaving the lower back and midriff bare. There are many types of embroideries, with Gota patti being one of the most popular types for festivals and weddings. To make the most of this clothing, drape the dupatta elegantly on one shoulder and sparkle at the reception with grace.

Anarkali Suit

Still, the anarkali suit remains the best option when it comes to attending a wedding ceremony as a guest. It offers a very trendy style, elegant and dressy at once, but without being overwhelming. Following traditions, you may wear it along with a nice clutch and shiny footwear.

Classical Hindu Wedding Ceremony Attire For Male Guests

Kurta Pyjama

As for men, the most common wedding suit for guest is a well tailored kurta worn together with a pyjama. This outfit can never go wrong in a traditional ceremony as it is well stylish and comfortable. You can pair this kink of attire with sandals, jootis or else chappals. You may also throw in a dupatta over in order to jazz up your outfit.

Sherwani Garb

Even more traditional than a kurta pyjama set, Hindu people often keep a sherwani in the family for special occasions. It tends to bring a sophisticated touch to your garb and looks very stylish too. It is usually paired with a pyjama or a dhoti.

Wear Any Kind Of Outfit With Style

Now you have selected the best option in terms of wedding attire for your wedding reception as a guest, let’s see some details that will bring up even more style and elegance to your costume.

About Women Make Up

Although colours and bling are more than welcome in your dress up and make up, remember to keep coherent. Some would think that if your dress lack a bit of impressiveness, you could counterbalance with a strong and visible make up. This is actually a bad idea. Keep it consistent by toning down the look with less make up and minimal accessories if your dress  is not voluminous and lavish.

Avoid Black And White

Note that in India, black and white are not considered very auspicious colours. It would be quite improper to turn up at a wedding ceremony in those colours.

So, What Colour To Choose?

You might have yet noticed that Indian brides’ wedding dresses are often red or maroon, so avoid these two colours as well. You can go for yellow, green, blue or else pink.

Nothing Too Tight or Too Revealing

Remember also that Hindu people do not usually show their legs and other parts of the body. They are also not used to “sexy” outfits. That is why you should avoid wearing an attire that is too tight or too revealing. Also, you will feel way more comfortable in a long dress or a wide suit.

Traditional Indian Bling Factor: Jewellery

If there is one thing that you cannot leave apart if you wish to follow Hindu tradition, it is definitely jewellery. Wear it as much as you want (and can), as it is religiously observed in this country. If you attend your first Indian reception, remember not to feel awkward if you are stared at: most local women love keeping an eye out for unique pieces of jewellery worn by other guests.


You are now fully ready to attend your wedding reception as a guest. What did you go for as an outfit? We would love to see some photos!


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