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Interesting lessons from Indian tales

Indian Folk Tales Everyone can learn from

Don’t be mistaken: Tales are not only meant to entertain you. They are there to teach you lessons, or to remind you of facts that you should not forget, unless you want to find yourself with problems or remain stupid and ignorant. The stories below will probably make you smile, but they’ll also keep you […]

Learn spanish

Four Career Fields You Can Go Into with a Degree in Spanish

If you are looking to deepen your knowledge of the Spanish language, you are probably already aware that it is the second most spoken language in the world today. On the streets of America, in many cities, you’ll hear it speak as much as English. The opportunities you provide yourself with, thanks to a degree […]

Polyglot worker

Learn To Speak Foreign Languages To Open Up To New Opportunities

Five decades ago, the American journalist Flora Lewis said something about learning new languages. According to her, it was not only learning new words in order to say the same thing, but above all learning other ways to think about things. In today’s globalised market, the statement still stands true.