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luxurious villa on cote d'azur, france

Experience the Ultimate Getaway: Planning a Luxurious Stay on the Côte d’Azur

The French Riviera, or the Côte d’Azur, is known for its glamour and captivating beauty. With sparkling blue waters, sandy beaches, and stunning views, it’s no wonder this region has become synonymous with luxury vacations. If you’re planning a trip to the area, here’s a guide to help you plan your ultimate getaway filled with […]

Red fort, Delhi, India

Discover the Wonders of India: 3 Must-See Cities

India, a land of rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes, offers countless experiences for travelers. With its diverse history, vibrant colors, and warm hospitality, the country leaves visitors enthralled. Among the multitude of Indian cities, Delhi, Varanasi, and Mumbai stand out as three must-visit destinations. This article will explore the unique aspects and attractions that […]

Plane taking off

Can we still fly to India from the USA in 2021 during Covid-19?

Each year there are so many people flying to India from the United States or vice versa for many reasons. If you have a plan to go to India soon, this guide will help you figure a few important things out! We have listed everything you should know before getting your plane tickets: the available […]

Nature in India

Travel to India Normalising, Vice President Calls for Spending Time in Nature

As global travel ebbs back to normal, India’s vice president and foreign ministry spokesman have spoken out about protecting the environment and normalising inbound travel to the country, respectively. “We would hope that as the COVID-19 situation continues to improve in our country, other countries would take steps to normalise travel with India,” Indian foreign […]

Travel Man

Indian Travellers Want to Travel More & Make up Time Lost Owing to COVID-19

According to a recent Airbnb and YouGov survey anticipating travel trends for 2021, Indian travellers are becoming more intent on nature travel and 49% of travellers said that they would want to travel more to make up for the time lost in 2020. 57% of Indian travellers plans to travel or expect to travel in […]


While Tourism Grows in India, Indians Enjoy Trips to Thailand

Thailand is recording a slower growth in its tourism industry lately, but it does intend to benefit more from the continually emerging potential of the Indian market. In 2018, there were 1.59 million Indian visitors in the country and in the following year, that number surpassed 2 million.

Travelling in India : tips and advice on how to follow proper etiquette

India conjures up many images : the Taj Majal, the Ganges river, the spicy food, and welcoming people. As a huge country, its culture is rich and diverse. This is very much attractive for foreign travellers, but can also be unsettling when we don’t understand the customs or rules of etiquette. To make friends, rather than […]

Angkor Vat, Cambodia

From Vietnam Back to India in a Month : One Idea of Road-Trip Itinerary

All travelers dream of roadtripping through Asia one day, but exploring each one of its beautiful places would mean a long, very long road trip. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to travel for so long. So, for those who have a month in front of them, here is a sample of itinerary from Vietnam back […]

The Raas Devigarh Hotel

The Best 7 Luxury Hotels in India

India, its beautiful monuments and its unending sand beaches… If you are planning your next holiday in India, you might be interested in our top 7 of the best luxury hotels in this beautiful country. Ready? So let’s rock.