How do Indians entertain Themselves?
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How do Indians entertain Themselves?

Indians like to be entertained. That is why there are so many different activities available to them. To say that they love sports, would be underwhelming. They are fanatics and encourage their local teams, every chance they get. But like everyone around the world, they are becoming more and more addicted to online ones. Here is a brief look into the entertainment that Indians enjoy the most.

Online Activities

Instead of starting old school, let’s see what Indians do online, today. Like everyone else, they watch a lot of movies and series. However, their offer is much wider than in other countries. That is because Bollywood creates a lot of movies, but also thanks to the enthusiasm of the public. In fact, the number of online platforms available to them is so large, that Amazon has joined some of them together, to create a bundle, so that it becomes less costly for viewers, who had to pay for each streaming platform independently, before.

The second thing that Indians love to do online is to visit Indian casinos and play on one of the many games available, on them. Just like everywhere else in the world, online casinos keep growing at great speed, gaining new members all the time, in India. That is partly due to the fact that they have made a humongous jump in terms of security during the last few years, but also because they offer a large variety of games, with incredible visuals, equal to the best video games created today.

Music and Dance (in every form available)

Indians are huge fans of music. They like it in any form that it may come in. On the radio, online, but also in movies, which is a speciality of Bollywood: musicals with lots of singing and dancing. An Indian that doesn’t sing is an oddity. It is part of their joyful life, every day, but especially on all special occasions from weddings to national celebrations. The classical Indian music includes Carnatic and Hindustani.

You cannot separate music from dancing in India. It seems like every region as its own style of dance. To give a few examples, there is Odissi which is popular in Orissa and Kuchipudi in Andhra Pradesh. But anywhere you go, what you will see, when these people dance, is joy through various signs, which includes hand movements and various facial expressions. You won’t be able to miss it, as the colourful dresses of the people twirling, will catch your eye from afar.


Indian sports are some of the most watched in the world. That’s in part thanks to the fact that the country is the second most populated country in the world. But the truth is Indians love sports. It always starts with cricket, though. They are a powerful nation to be contested with, in all international tournaments featuring this sport. Then you find football and on the third step of the podium, tennis. All this is now linked to gambling as well, since Indians love to bet on their favourite sports.

Television and Radio

Wealth is not spread equally in India, and the lower layers of population also like to be entertained. They usually turn to radio and television for their entertainment. It doesn’t cost much, and it features many different kinds of shows that they can watch or listen to. Again, music is omnipresent in both television and radio, but you will also find different talk shows for everyone. Topics are varied, and many Indians like to take part in them, by calling in or by joining on the show, whenever it is possible.

There is not a boring moment in India, because there are so many entertainment outlets. Relaxing after work, is very important to Indians. Whether they watch movies or TV shows, they get their fix to carry them through the week.

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