Can we still fly to India from the USA in 2021 during Covid-19?
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Can we still fly to India from the USA in 2021 during Covid-19?

Each year there are so many people flying to India from the United States or vice versa for many reasons. If you have a plan to go to India soon, this guide will help you figure a few important things out! We have listed everything you should know before getting your plane tickets: the available flights newly updated, the duration, as well as the Covid restrictions.

How long is the flight from the United States to India?

The distance between the United States and India is 8,500 miles approximately. If you take a non-stop flight from Washington or other major cities to New Delhi, it takes around 14 hours on average with the standard speed of 500 – 520 mph. However, the flight duration may vary depending on the type of flight you choose, the upper atmosphere condition, and other circumstances.

How many flights are there from the USA to India?

First, you will need to choose what type of flights you prefer. There are 2 main flight choices from your hometown to India as shown below:

Direct flights

We highly recommend a direct flight because it is not only more convenient but also saves you time. With this option, you can be sure that you will arrive at your destination on time and that you won’t need to waste several hours on layovers.

The journey duration estimates 14 hours. You can take a plane from many cities in the United States such as New York, Chicago, San Francisco, or Washington, and fly directly to India. Nevertheless, direct flights normally cost more expensive unless you book in advance during the promotion period.

Connecting flights

Although a connecting flight takes much more time than a non-stop direct one, it is an alternative for people who prefer saving some money. From the United States to India, it can take up to 20 hours, depending on the duration between flights.

Most connecting flights usually stop once or twice in Europe or Asia. The popular stoppages in Europe include London and Paris while the Asian stoppages are often Singapore or Hong Kong. Therefore, a connecting flight may be interesting if you arrange a long holiday plan to visit many countries.

What are the best airlines in 2021 – 2022 to fly to India?

Now, you may already have an idea which flight option you prefer: a direct or connecting flight. Here are our top 5 airlines from the United States to India in 2021-2022 that you should put on your list:

United Airlines

First and foremost, United Airlines is best known as the major air carrier in the United States with 8 hubs across the country. They provide impressive flying experiences at a reasonable price. Most importantly, there are also many non-stop flights to India in the shortest of time (14 hours).

Qatar Airways

Secondly, Qatar is another world-class airway with top-notch client services and there are up to 150 destinations in the world. To board from the US to India, we have listed their most popular direct flights for you:

  • Departure from New Year to Amritsar in the state of Punjab
  • Departure from Washington DC to Kolkata, the capital of the state of Benga, India.
  • Departure from Philadelphia to Mumbai
  • Departure from Boston to Delhi.
  • Departure from Atlanta to Chennai, a city on the southeastern coast of India.


Emirates is one of the major airlines from the United Arab Emirates that you should consider, especially if you live in Boston, New York, or Washington DC. You can of course choose between the usual economy, business, and first-class seats. With Emirates, you will surely experience high-standard services including in-flight entertainment, both in the economy and business classes.

Etihad Airways

Apart from Emirates, Etihad Airways is also the best air carrier in the Middle East that has several non-stop flights to India, for example, New York / Los Angeles to Delhi, Washington DC to Mumbai, as well as other popular American and Indian destinations.

Another outstanding point of Etihad is its comfortable premium seats and large legroom even in the economy class. In addition, the seat also features adjustable back support and a comfy headrest.

Singapore Airline

Ranked one of the most popular airlines in the world, Singapore Airlines provides excellent direct economy flights from New Year, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and other major cities to India. Moreover, you will be impressed by their on-time services, cosy seating, and a lot of facilities.

How much is a flight fare to India from the USA?

The plane ticket price from the United to India varies on the type of flight classes, the airlines, the high/low travelling season, and other factors. If you would like to buy a ticket at a lower price, we suggest you book the flight the earlier possible.

Below are our estimated one-way ticket fares to India:

  • First-class ticket price
  • Non-stop flights start at $3500 – $4000.
  • Connecting flights start at $1800.
  • Business-class ticket price
  • Non-stop flight fares start at $3000.
  • Connecting flights start at $1400.
  • Economy class ticket price
  • Non-stop flight fares start at $780.
  • Connecting flights start at $470.

Are we allowed to fly to India during the Covid-19 situation?

Nowadays, the Indian Covid-19 policies are more strict due to the presence of the Omnicron variant. However, US citizens are still permitted to enter India and there are many commercial flights available. According to the latest news on December 2021 about international flights from the United States to India, both vaccinated and non-vaccinated passengers will be asked to show a negative RT-PCR test no more than 1 day before boarding. Moreover, you need to submit your 14-day travel history as well.

In case of travelling or transit from one of the 12 at-risk countries, you will be asked to undergo the Covid-19 test once arriving in India and must self-quarantine for at least 7 days and self-monitor for 7 days more. If your test declares positive, or you start having a fever, you will have to undergo quarantine.

We hope this article helps you prepare better your flight to India, one of the best destinations that will give you an excellent life experience. Bon voyage!

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