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Indian celebration

How do Indians entertain Themselves?

Indians like to be entertained. That is why there are so many different activities available to them. To say that they love sports, would be underwhelming. They are fanatics and encourage their local teams, every chance they get. But like everyone around the world, they are becoming more and more addicted to online ones. Here […]

Indian streaming services

How are the films and series streaming platforms adapting in India?

It has been close to two years now after the pandemic hit the world and modified everyone’s habits. It is true for individuals as well as for companies. The video streaming platforms have seen an increase, during that period, and it helped some lesser-known companies to get more visibility. In India, most people use more […]

The traditionnal indian outfit, the Salwar Kurta

Salwar Kameez: versatile and beautiful Indian outfit for women in trend

Nowadays, Salwar Kameez is popular not only in India but also in many places in the world. With a variety of bright and colorful palettes combined with elegant decorations, Salwar Kameez is a remarkable brand due to its unique beauty. Thus, this fashionable Indian attire spread to Europe and America and garnered interest among women […]


What does namaste mean ?

You may have heard this word if you are doing yoga or meditation and you might ask what does namaste means? What is the spiritual meaning of namaste? In this article, we are going to answer these questions.

Grah Shanti: The Traditional Indian Engagement Ceremony Ritual

From entertainment, flowers, clothing, to the food, there is usually a lot of excitement and preparation around the wedding day. While there are variations in various Hindu communities, there are some staples like the Gran Shanti ceremony. Here are a few details on how the ritual takes place.

Indian breads

Different types of Indian breads explained

If you’re looking to broaden your culinary horizons, delving deep into the world of Indian breads is a great way to start. A great deal of Indian breads come in flatbread form, with pan-fried cooking the preferred method. In many places throughout India, bread is consumed as a staple food, with the north of the […]

Indian citizens

Understanding India’s caste system

You’ve probably heard of India’s caste system, but you don’t really know what it’s all about ? Well, castes are based on the ideology of human inequality. It is the core concept of Indian society. Understanding Indian castes’ system is equivalent to understanding India and Indian people. Let’s explain further.

Dress Code

What Shall You Not Wear To An Indian Wedding Reception As A Guest?

Last month, we spoke about what to wear to a traditional Indian wedding as a guest. Now you fully got the dos, let’s speak about the don’ts. May you be a friend or family, a colleague or even an international guest, there are some things you just can’t do at an official reception like a […]

Indian wedding

What Traditional Indian Wedding Outfits Do Male And Female Guests Wear?

If you’ve already attended an Indian wedding reception as a guest, you might already know that pomp, show and colour are part of the clothing tradition, as much regarding men outfits as women dresses. Saree, lehenga, kurta, sherwani… There are many options for the men and women to choose from. If you don’t know what kind […]

Indian jewellery

12 Most Amazing Traditional Indian Jewellery Pieces

Indian jewellery is as old as Indian civilisation itself. Gold, pearls and precious stones are part of the local jewellery tradition, which translate Indian aspiration to reach perfection in form, design and colours. Let’s have a look at the most amazing pieces you might come across.