Vaibhav Kumaresh States that It Was an Honor to Receive an Invite to the Annecy Animation Festival

Vaibhav Kumaresh States that It Was an Honor to Receive an Invite to the Annecy Animation Festival

Lamput produced and created by Vaibhav Kumaresh is an entertaining Indian slapstick chase comedy. The comedy, according to the production studio has a special place in the world of chase slapstick, non-dialogue chase communication in its home country, and around the globe. The term “Lamput” refers to a gooey like orange substance that was able to find its way from a secret laboratory.

The Animated Film Festival

Two scientists, by the names of Skinny Doc and Specs Doc, are behind its development. After escaping, the scientists do everything they can to try and catch the escaped Lamput. But having mastered the art of donning different guises, he is able to escape right from under their noses.

Kumaresh stated that they were thrilled to receive news that they have been invited to the famous International Animated Film Festival organized by the town of Annecy, in the French Alps. This was great news considering that it was the only animated IP from India that had been invited to the awards that took place between 10th and 15th June.

The animated cartoon was featured alongside other global hit award shows such as The Amazing World of Gumball that is showcased by the International Cartoon Network.

New Cartoon News

The news came in shortly after the Cartoon Network released a statement indicating that it had approved a new season of this highly popular series. Season 3 is expected to run globally on this channel in Latin America and the Asia Pacific, as well as on Boomerang in EMEA.

It is expected that the new season will have a blend of 21*2 and 21*5 episodes. Its rollout date is slated for some time in 2020. Leslie Lee, the head of Boomerang Asia Pacific, POGO, and Cartoon Network stated the response received after the release of Lamput was quite astonishing.

Despite receiving global acclamation, Leslie believes that it was an honor for them to receive an invitation to take part in the awards. It is worth noting that the series has been quite huge on digital services as well as on TV channels in India. It has also received phenomenal feedback from other corners of the world.

It is a cartoon that has been watched in all the corners of the world from the Asia Pacific to Europe to Latin America. For a show that was born in India, it has proven that it can travel far, in spite of being orange and gooey.

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