Four Career Fields You Can Go Into with a Degree in Spanish
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Four Career Fields You Can Go Into with a Degree in Spanish

If you are looking to deepen your knowledge of the Spanish language, you are probably already aware that it is the second most spoken language in the world today. On the streets of America, in many cities, you’ll hear it speak as much as English. The opportunities you provide yourself with, thanks to a degree in Spanish, are very large. But here are a few career fields in which your degree will help.


The most obvious path you can take, when you specialize in a language, is teaching. The main advantage, in this case, is that you can either practice it as your profession in a school or you can give personal lessons to private students as a part-time job. Since Spanish is second only to Chinese, the opportunities to teach this language are bound to be on the rise in the years to come.

Business Related

There are many routes you can decide to travel if you decide to apply your knowledge of Spanish into the business life. For example, it can be of great help for someone specializing in importing/exporting products when negotiating with Spanish companies (not only in Spain but in all countries where it is the official language – 21 to be precise). You can also choose to become an interpreter or a translator by combining your own language to this one. How about becoming an international relations consultant? This would imply more learning in other fields, but you’d already have the capacity to take function in Spanish speaking countries.


Speaking Spanish will open up many doors in the tourism industry. You could work in a hotel, restaurant and bar in touristic sites more easily. It also opens up opportunities to become a guide, escort or interpreter to foreign guests whose mother tongue is Spanish. Finally, how about working on a cruise ship or even a luxury yacht?


Here, your degree in Spanish will be valued in many capacities. All governments need individuals with knowledge in other languages to handle jobs like immigration officer, court interpreter and translator. If you are aiming higher and possess other degrees, you could set your sight on becoming a cultural attaché or even becoming a diplomat. The sky is the limit!

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