Who Are the Top 10 Indian Superheroes of All Time?
Indian Superheros

Who Are the Top 10 Indian Superheroes of All Time?

Superheroes are imaginary beings with remarkable abilities that bend natures laws. These abilities include super strength, speed, healing capabilities among others. These beings can be either terrestrial or extraterrestrial who got their skills from accidents, scientific experiments or naturally. Continue reading on to discover the top ten Indian heroes of all time.

1. Shaktmiaan, the Strongest Hindi Superhero

Featuring first in the list is the infamous Shaktmiaan a well-groomed hero who got his powers via meditation. Shaktmiaan is known for his super strength. Furthermore, the hero can control his chakras and attain his skills. Like most superheroes, the character has an alter ego called Pandit Gangadhar who is in love with Geeta Vishwas. As a local, Shaktmiaan works as a photographer for a news company called Aaj Ki Aawaz. This enables him to keep his hero life a secret as he somewhat interacts with locals here and there.

2. Devi, the Strongest Female Indian Hero

Devi is the first female character on the list and features in the second position. Devi was created by the gods to help fight the evil god Bala. Fortunately, Devi defeats the Bala in a fight that leaves her blind. Later on, Devi is reborn in a woman to help stop the awaken Bala. Unfortunately, she awakens Bala’s favorite general incarnate, her boyfriend. The famous female superhero has led various armies of gods and men against the attack on Bala. Also, Devi is the only line of defense for the earth and universe at large.

3. Doga, the Most Dangerous Indian Hero

At second runners up is the known comic antihero character Doga who had witnessed multiple crimes. Unlike most heroes, Doga sets out on a rough training that enables him to adapt to harsh environments. He develops his muscles and goes on ahead to train on hand to hand combat, martial arts, marksmanship among others. Furthermore, the hero can communicate with dogs; this enables him to order them around and can even tell them to do something for him. Moreover, Doga can dodge bullets and is an enemy of terrorist, drug dealers, and even petty thieves.

4. Nagra, A Fan Favourite of Raj Comics

At the fourth position is Nagraj, a hero who was supposed to be the end of humanity. Nagra was a creation of professor Nagmani who sold him to the highest bidder. Nagra was sent to steal a golden encountered sadhu who helped him get rid of his brainwash. Henceforth he decided to serve the community with his abilities. Some of his known powers are shapeshifting. According to the comics, the characters blood is said to be more poisonous than any snake. Furthermore, the character can shift to any snake-like figure.

5. Krrish, the Fastest Indian Hero

At the fifth sport is Krrish, a hero who inherited his abilities from his dad. Throughout the sequel, we find out that Krrishs dad got his powers from extraterrestrial beings. Krish can make high jumps, has super strength and fast reflections. From the series, we also get to learn that his greatest nemesis is maniac called Arya who wants to captivate the whole world.

6. Bheriya, a Creation of Raj Comics

Another fan favorite hero for the list is Bheriya and is a half wolf half human character. Despite being a wolf, the character has a good heart to help others. He is highly skilled in hand to hand combat and can also communicate with wolves. Furthermore, the role is well trained with different sets of weapons. Like other heroes, Bheriya has a long list of enemies such as Kobi and Kaigula among others.

7. G-One, Most Famous Indian Superhero

The story of G-one features him as a hero in the game world. However, the plot experienced a mind-blowing twist when the character emerges from the game to fight his arch nemeses Ra-one. Ra-one is a villain that escapes the game to cause more havoc to the real world. The storyline behind the movie is excellent and is one to check up on for quality entertainment. The hero has a super admirable suit that aids him in his various fights for justice.

8. Inspector Steel, Most Advanced Indian Hero

Inspector steel is a part man part steel hero who had been in a terrible accident. To save him doctor Anees replaces her failing organs with metal. Because of this, his brain merges with metal turning him to a cyborg. Inspector steel has an arch nemesis who despites machine and has an intention to kill him. Also, Inspector steel has a vast arsenal of cool weapons and tech at his disposal to help him fight villains like Mechanic.

9. Parmanu, Most Powerful Indian Hero

At the second last position in the list is Parmanu, a hero who can bend matter using his superior costume. Moreover, the character fights crime even as he seeks out revenge on individuals that killed his parents. His special suit is the work of his uncle who also helps him fight crime behind the curtains. Furthermore, the character can fly and also shoot simultaneous energy blasts from his arms. Parmanu is an inspector during the day and is always busy catching criminals.

10. Shakti, Most Powerful Female Hero

Winding up the list is Shakti a superhero that is usually in tiger skin. Shakti has a dark past which sees her frequently getting assaulted by her husband. To make matters worse, the husband kills her daughter. Non the less, she turns out to be the famous hero when after receiving her powers from the goddess Kali. The hero can shout blast of energy like Parmanu. Shakti has a third eye which can generate high amounts of blasts. However, the eye can open in extreme situations.

Indian heroes do offer an interesting story for the fans. These characters offer an excellent moral that we can each pick up and set as an example. Furthermore, they have some of the best powers of all time. One that will leave you amazed and contented.

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