Where to find the Best Online News in India?
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Where to find the Best Online News in India?

India is one of the countries with the largest GDP growth over the last decade. That is why so many people need to stay afloat of what’s going on inside the country. Businessmen, investors but also citizens of India all try to find the best news website India. Here are a few Indian news sites you should look for.

National Newspapers

The first place to look for current information on a country is through its national newspapers. India has the second largest newspaper market in the world, so it is not the lack of choice which will be the problem, but finding the right one(s) to read, in order to find the best online news India. Two years ago, a census recorded over 100,000 newspaper publications in the country for a grand total of 240 million copies being printed and distributed daily.

Although Hindi language newspapers have the largest number of publications, the 22 languages of India are also widely covered as well as other spoken in some regions. Therefore, Indian news websites from national newspapers are common in India. For the best English news websites in India (by national newspapers), look-up these titles online:

Deccan Chronicle, Deccan Herald, Economic Times, The Hindu, Hindustan Times, The Indian Express, New Indian Express, The Statesman, The Telegraph, Times of India

TV and Video News Channels of India

Today, video has become the preferred way of internet users to inform themselves on anything going on. It is, of course, also true of current news. Online news websites in India include the TV and video news channel that Indians find on their television. Again, with a country the size of India (1.3 billion), you will find many TV and video Indian news sites. The major channels usually have the best quality of video, but sometimes the smallest networks can bring viewers more precise information on what is going on in a particular region. Here are some of the English TV and video news channel in India that are worth looking into online:

ABP Live, BTvIn, CNN IBN News, ET Now – from Economic Times, Headlines Today – from India Today, NDTV Profit – Business & Finance, NDTV.com, TimesNow.tv – from Times of India, Zee News

International Newspapers and Agencies

As we mentioned in the introduction, many businessmen and professionals from the finance world keep a close eye on India’s news. They often take a special look at the development of the country on an international level. To do that, they need the best English news websites in India that offers international news as well. And so, they choose Indian news sites with a particular focus on what’s going in the world from an Indian perspective. Here are some of the best international newspapers and agencies where you can find the best online news India, in English:

Daily Telegraph/India (UK), The Guardian/India (UK), Reuters India, Wall Street Journal/India

Indian Business and Finance Online News sites

The same persons that will go searching for international news on India will usually also look for the most pertinent and up-to-date information in India’s sectors of business and finance. Since India’s growth is so rapid, there are a ton of specialized sites in these fields, where one can get the best online news India. It does reflect the reality of the country, which shows that international companies and individuals are looking to invest in the country, knowing that it will bring dividends in the future, as the country keeps evolving, taking its place of leadership on an international level. For English Indian news sites on business and finance, you can visit these sites:

Bombay Stock Exchange, Business Line, Business Standard, Business Today, The Economic Times, The Financial Express, FT.com India, The Hindu Business Line, Hindustan Times, The Indian Express, Livemint.com, Money Control.com, NewsNow.co.uk, NSE – National Stock Exchange of India, Rediff.com, Reuters India, Times of India/business, Yahoo India Finance, Zee Business

Indian news websites on Sports

But India is not just about work. It also likes to play and watch sports. In fact, the country is the main location for one of the most watched sport in the world: cricket. With such a large population, it is also not surprising that India is starting to take its place on Olympic podiums, whenever Olympics are being held. But besides the common sports being played worldwide, India is a country that boasts many sport activities unknown to the rest of the world (for now). We have no doubt that has India continues to grow, these sports will also take place in other countries around the world. For the best online sports news in English, check-out these sites:

ESPN Cricinfo, Firstpost.com/sports, Fox Sports Asia, Google India Sports News, India TV News.com/sports, Indian Express, Indian Sports News.com, IPLT20.com – Indian Premier League, NDTVSports.com, NewsNow – India Cricket Team News, Rediff.com/sports, Reuters India, Sify.com/sports, Times of India Sports, Yahoo India Sports News, Zee News

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