criket game

More Effects from Covid-19 on Cricket Games

As the world wonders if India just might be the first country to overcome Covid-19, as they show a low number of cases being declared, it seems like the pandemic hasn’t yet left the country’s favourite sport in peace, though. As India is preparing to meet South Africa on Boxing Day, it has become clear […]

Plane taking off

Can we still fly to India from the USA in 2021 during Covid-19?

Each year there are so many people flying to India from the United States or vice versa for many reasons. If you have a plan to go to India soon, this guide will help you figure a few important things out! We have listed everything you should know before getting your plane tickets: the available […]

Indian celebration

How do Indians entertain Themselves?

Indians like to be entertained. That is why there are so many different activities available to them. To say that they love sports, would be underwhelming. They are fanatics and encourage their local teams, every chance they get. But like everyone around the world, they are becoming more and more addicted to online ones. Here […]

Indian Casino

How well is the Gambling Industry doing in India?

The industry of local gambling, in general, is doing quite well in India. As we write these lines, it is hovering around 1 billion dollars but its prospect is even greater. Specialists say that it could get up all the way to 112 billion over the next four years. No wonder many companies, especially in […]

Indian streaming services

How are the films and series streaming platforms adapting in India?

It has been close to two years now after the pandemic hit the world and modified everyone’s habits. It is true for individuals as well as for companies. The video streaming platforms have seen an increase, during that period, and it helped some lesser-known companies to get more visibility. In India, most people use more […]

Indian woman wearing a bindi

The Complete Guide on the Bindi

The bindi, which has been representing wisdom and concentration for centuries, is something we simply distinguish as the dot on the forehead of Indian women. That said, what does it really mean? Is the famous Indian red dot still mandatory in 2021? Let’s take a closer look at the bindi origin and its meaning below.

The cricket T20 World Cup Trophy

India Announces Squad for T20 Cricket World Cup in UAE

India has announced its 15-member squad for the International Cricket Council (ICC) Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 set to kick off on 17 October in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with the national side tipped as one of the favourites to take home the winner’s trophy.

Scene from Bollywood movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Let’s talk about Kuch Kuch Hota Hai characters

More than 2 decades ago, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (which means Something Happens in Indian) was released in cinemas. This film took India (and possibly the world) by storm, making a huge box office with a very small budget. Let’s go back to the past, and talk about the incredible characters that were part of […]

Nature in India

Travel to India Normalising, Vice President Calls for Spending Time in Nature

As global travel ebbs back to normal, India’s vice president and foreign ministry spokesman have spoken out about protecting the environment and normalising inbound travel to the country, respectively. “We would hope that as the COVID-19 situation continues to improve in our country, other countries would take steps to normalise travel with India,” Indian foreign […]

Travel Man

Indian Travellers Want to Travel More & Make up Time Lost Owing to COVID-19

According to a recent Airbnb and YouGov survey anticipating travel trends for 2021, Indian travellers are becoming more intent on nature travel and 49% of travellers said that they would want to travel more to make up for the time lost in 2020. 57% of Indian travellers plans to travel or expect to travel in […]

Interesting lessons from Indian tales

Indian Folk Tales Everyone can learn from

Don’t be mistaken: Tales are not only meant to entertain you. They are there to teach you lessons, or to remind you of facts that you should not forget, unless you want to find yourself with problems or remain stupid and ignorant. The stories below will probably make you smile, but they’ll also keep you […]

The traditionnal indian outfit, the Salwar Kurta

Salwar Kameez: versatile and beautiful Indian outfit for women in trend

Nowadays, Salwar Kameez is popular not only in India but also in many places in the world. With a variety of bright and colorful palettes combined with elegant decorations, Salwar Kameez is a remarkable brand due to its unique beauty. Thus, this fashionable Indian attire spread to Europe and America and garnered interest among women […]

The particularity of India's Time zone

Why Does India Have a Different Time Zone?

When you travel to India, you might wonder why India has a very unusual time zone. Normally, the time zones around the world have a 1-hour increment from the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). That said, the clock in India is different since it has a 30-minute offset instead of a 1-hour offset like other countries. […]

The three pujarins and other famous INdian paintings

Top 6 famous Indian ladies portraits

As you probably know, India is not only famous for its culture or food, but also its various art forms. It might come as a surprise to many people that some of the most famous Indian paintings represented women in all their glory. Indeed, women portraits in India got lots of interest over the years, […]


India’s Cricket League (IPL) keeps growing and attracting attention

Cricket was first introduced in India by the British, during the 18th century. It has gone a long way since then, as its national League, IPL, now ranks 6th in terms of sports league attendance worldwide. As it continues to grow and gain value, there is a rise in interest from commercial partners as well […]

The Great Buddha statue of Bodh Gaya in Bihar

A History of Buddha Statue

Buddha statue refers to a type of sculpture art that is closely attached to religious beliefs, presenting the image of the prophet of Buddhism. Buddhist art and Buddha statues have been famously worshiped for more than 2000 years in many Asian countries. Let’s explore the history of the Buddha statue and its meaning in the […]

Balance your Solar chakra, Manipura chakra

What is the Solar Plexus Chakra?

The Solar Plexus Chakra is also known as the Manipura, which means “City of Jewels” in Sanskrit. This is the third of the main seven chakras in our body. The latter is located in the upper belly button and up to the breastbone. The Solar Plexus Chakra is Yellow and represents the Fire element. This […]

Tibetan singing bowls for meditation

Top 5 singing bowls for meditation

Singing bowls have been used for centuries as they provide a calm, blissful, and healthier mind to people who meditate. Indeed, the latter are great tools for enhancing one’s meditation experience. Moreover, singing bowls are also used during hypnotic induction and other related activities. If you are looking for a singing bowl or a cushion, […]


The Surprising Health Benefits of doing Yoga

Yoga has its roots in India and started back in time five millennials ago, according to some historians. However, it is probably fair to say that it has never been as popular as it is today. It is not so surprising when we think of all the health benefits it brings. Here are a few […]

Tibetan Auspicious Symbols

Hidden Meaning of Remarkable Sacred Symbols

Humans have created symbols more than half a millennium ago which communicate their values, ideas, and reflect profound concepts through imagery. The symbols are not only a way to communicate, but they also have a marvelous personal identity which represents something difficult to explain, as if this imagery spoke to us on a spiritual level. Furthermore, […]