Red fort, Delhi, India

Discover the Wonders of India: 3 Must-See Cities

India, a land of rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes, offers countless experiences for travelers. With its diverse history, vibrant colors, and warm hospitality, the country leaves visitors enthralled. Among the multitude of Indian cities, Delhi, Varanasi, and Mumbai stand out as three must-visit destinations. This article will explore the unique aspects and attractions that […]

criket game

More Effects from Covid-19 on Cricket Games

As the world wonders if India just might be the first country to overcome Covid-19, as they show a low number of cases being declared, it seems like the pandemic hasn’t yet left the country’s favourite sport in peace, though. As India is preparing to meet South Africa on Boxing Day, it has become clear […]

Indian celebration

How do Indians entertain Themselves?

Indians like to be entertained. That is why there are so many different activities available to them. To say that they love sports, would be underwhelming. They are fanatics and encourage their local teams, every chance they get. But like everyone around the world, they are becoming more and more addicted to online ones. Here […]

Interesting lessons from Indian tales

Indian Folk Tales Everyone can learn from

Don’t be mistaken: Tales are not only meant to entertain you. They are there to teach you lessons, or to remind you of facts that you should not forget, unless you want to find yourself with problems or remain stupid and ignorant. The stories below will probably make you smile, but they’ll also keep you […]

The traditionnal indian outfit, the Salwar Kurta

Salwar Kameez: versatile and beautiful Indian outfit for women in trend

Nowadays, Salwar Kameez is popular not only in India but also in many places in the world. With a variety of bright and colorful palettes combined with elegant decorations, Salwar Kameez is a remarkable brand due to its unique beauty. Thus, this fashionable Indian attire spread to Europe and America and garnered interest among women […]

The particularity of India's Time zone

Why Does India Have a Different Time Zone?

When you travel to India, you might wonder why India has a very unusual time zone. Normally, the time zones around the world have a 1-hour increment from the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). That said, the clock in India is different since it has a 30-minute offset instead of a 1-hour offset like other countries. […]

Tibetan Auspicious Symbols

Hidden Meaning of Remarkable Sacred Symbols

Humans have created symbols more than half a millennium ago which communicate their values, ideas, and reflect profound concepts through imagery. The symbols are not only a way to communicate, but they also have a marvelous personal identity which represents something difficult to explain, as if this imagery spoke to us on a spiritual level. Furthermore, […]

Indian grocery shopping

Report on India’s FMCG Industry

The growth of India’s FMCG industry has seen an important change in the last few years. Whereas before the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) were mostly acquired by the urban segment of India, today, Indians from rural and semi-urban segments are growing at a rapid pace and taking over 50% of the total spending.

Learn spanish

Four Career Fields You Can Go Into with a Degree in Spanish

If you are looking to deepen your knowledge of the Spanish language, you are probably already aware that it is the second most spoken language in the world today. On the streets of America, in many cities, you’ll hear it speak as much as English. The opportunities you provide yourself with, thanks to a degree […]


Here’s All That You Need To Know About Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign Direct Investment is a form of investment in a business where control and ownership are exercised by another entity based out of some other country. It is a direct control method by investing in a business in another country, encouraging the exchange of monetary dealings in foreign currency. It is quite simple to understand […]

Travelling in India : tips and advice on how to follow proper etiquette

India conjures up many images : the Taj Majal, the Ganges river, the spicy food, and welcoming people. As a huge country, its culture is rich and diverse. This is very much attractive for foreign travellers, but can also be unsettling when we don’t understand the customs or rules of etiquette. To make friends, rather than […]

Holi: The Most Famous Festival of Love And Colors

The Holi festival honors the destruction and eventual burning of Holika, a demoness. It is a festival meant to celebrate the victory of good over malevolence. The victory was realized after Lord Vishnu, the Hindu god of preservation offered assistance. The moniker “Festival of Colors” was inspired by Lord Krishna’s childhood antics. Lord Krishna was […]

Grah Shanti: The Traditional Indian Engagement Ceremony Ritual

From entertainment, flowers, clothing, to the food, there is usually a lot of excitement and preparation around the wedding day. While there are variations in various Hindu communities, there are some staples like the Gran Shanti ceremony. Here are a few details on how the ritual takes place.

What is a company registration number in India?

The company registration number, called the CIN number in Indian, is a unique number that is assigned by the Registrar of Companies (ROC). The ROC is found in various states in India and is under the Ministry of Coporate Affairs. It is used to find the primary details of any company registered in India. Any […]

Indian breads

Different types of Indian breads explained

If you’re looking to broaden your culinary horizons, delving deep into the world of Indian breads is a great way to start. A great deal of Indian breads come in flatbread form, with pan-fried cooking the preferred method. In many places throughout India, bread is consumed as a staple food, with the north of the […]

Dress Code

What Shall You Not Wear To An Indian Wedding Reception As A Guest?

Last month, we spoke about what to wear to a traditional Indian wedding as a guest. Now you fully got the dos, let’s speak about the don’ts. May you be a friend or family, a colleague or even an international guest, there are some things you just can’t do at an official reception like a […]

Angkor Vat, Cambodia

From Vietnam Back to India in a Month : One Idea of Road-Trip Itinerary

All travelers dream of roadtripping through Asia one day, but exploring each one of its beautiful places would mean a long, very long road trip. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to travel for so long. So, for those who have a month in front of them, here is a sample of itinerary from Vietnam back […]